Prof.  Alexander Fish
Maya Reuveni – SoC Lab Director
ENICS Lab was established to give an answer to the multiple challenges of System on a Chip design. For the first time Israel has a scaled SoC design, implementation and measurement laboratory that combines academy staff with actual industry requirements.

It is well known that SoC complexity is exponentially growing due to multi-processor and multi-application systems. This complexity brings challenges in design, integration, verification and implementation. In addition, when time to market is a significant factor, an optimized generic flow is necessary.

We are working with leading industry partners which allow us access to state of the art technology, tools and IPs.

To mention some of our partners:

TSMC contributed the 28 nm HPM/C process. this is the first time academy is given an access to this advanced technology .SOC1 will represent the industry mainstream process and will be able to support the research of the industry consortium members.

The flow is developed based on Cadence 28 nm flow. Bar Ilan was working very closely with the Cadence academy program team and the local Israeli office – It was very natural to expand this collaboration into the HiPer projects and today the SOC1 flow is based on cadence flow.

For the network on chip we collaborate with Sonics and use SONICS SGN NOC – advance state of the art NOC solution. Adopting the SGN with its standard interfaces will allow easy upgrade and scale of the system in the future.

Imagination MIPs Core – for the proof of concept we chose a basic core which will be upgraded in the future.

This is where the lab can help bring solutions to these challenges. Our vision is to help bridging the “high advanced technologies entry bar” for Israeli companies by providing a generic SoC Platform allowing them to focus on their innovation and in the reduction of overheads. 

As Part of the HiPer consortium project, the lab teams together with the Industry partners develop a generic SOC platform. The Vision is to create a generic scalable platform on which different research projects can be explored, implemented and measured.

The team

Lab team is led by Prof Alex Fish  and Prof Shmuel Wimer

The engineering team is led by Maya  Reuveni , Maya brings 20 years of experience in the semiconductor business .

The lab combines expertise from new graduates and experienced engineers with the leadership of Academic excellent professors.. this allows a breaking through research activities to be implemented in a SOC.