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DSP Group Inc. (DSPG, est. ’89) has 202 employees in its HQ in Israel, as well as an additional HQ in the US. DSPG Successfully transformed from a small TAD supplier to the market leader in SoC. DSPG’s core IP has led to the formation of 2 companies and the spin offs of 2 others since its inception. The company has a market capitalization of ~$240M, with $151M in revenues in 2013. DSPG’s sales are mainly composed of cordless (90%), and VoIP products (Voice over IP, 10%). ~25% of the company revenues are annually invested in R&D. DSPG has successfully executed an operational turnaround, and demonstrated profitability over the last 2 years. The company is also strongly focused on cash flow generation with cash & marketable securities of ~$120M ($5.50/share), and no debt.

DSPG is a global provider of wireless chipset solutions for the converged communications field. Delivering SoC solutions with software and hardware reference designs, DSPG enables OEMs/ODMs, consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers and service providers to cost-effectively develop new revenue-generating products with a fast TTM (time to market). DSPG’s Blue Chip & Global customer base features leading international CE manufacturers including Panasonic, Cisco, Huawei, Motorola, etc. Today, ~400M homes use DSPG’s products. The company leads the global market of cordless telephony (over 70% share), and is considered one of the top 3 VoIP SoC vendors with rapidly growing share – expected to become 1st by 2016. DSPG is leading the ULE effort in home automation. In addition, the company launched a proprietary HDClear technology targeting mobile market.

 DSPG’s vision for the company’s growth in the coming years mainly regards the IoT (Internet of Things), VoIP and voice processors market share. The company intends to focus its endeavors on broadening the services it currently offers, by enabling a common platform for the office & home products. The market demand for better performance creates a major challenge to accelerate the Si performance while keeping the power & cost as low as possible as well as keeping a short TTM. As a leading provider, the company currently offers a comprehensive, advanced yet highly-affordable VoIP solutions, powering the full range of IP phones, analog phone adapters (ATA’s) and enterprise desktop IP phones. DSPG’s scalable & green solutions are ideal for enterprise VoIP: Delivering enterprise-grade acoustics and exceptional HD voice quality, alongside the industry’s lowest power consumption.

 The R&D activity with the consortium will enable DSPG to create the next gen. of semiconductor system solutions in accordance with prominent developments in the market. DSPG proactively partners with its broad CE manufacturer, customer & service providers base, and encourages customer’s involvement in its roadmap. Based on a deep understanding of the market needs, DSPG aims to provide a higher performance by accelerating both Silicon & SW, offered at a competitive price, which would be incorporated into future products of the leading comm. companies. Nowadays, DSPG highly focuses on VoIP and IP phones, as a main growth segment. DSPG excels in professional & dedicated expert support. DSPG has years of expertise in voice & audio algorithms available for the benefit of the customer. IoT holds various fields, each with different requirements and constrains. Nevertheless, there are common requirements for the implementation of IoT commercial competitive products. DSPG chosen to focus on the fields where its core competence is superior, including: High performance & LE wireless devices, the most challenging field for HW development, under constrains of solution size & cost. In the next 3 years the company will broaden its high speed & performance and LE solutions, creating a unified over-the-internet comm. platform for enterprise and domestic markets. The technology will be used as a future platform for home & office solutions, supporting audio & voice processing, together with wireless comm. The company will implement advanced technologies, and will shift towards utilizing 40nm and 28nm. By taking on the current development programs, and bridging the technological gap between existing home and the office/enterprise solutions, a new line of products would turn possible. Future products based on the developed technology will address the following markets:

·       VoIP – with a VoiP and IP phone SoC on 40/28nm process.

·       HD Mobile – with an Always-On solution (incl. wearable devices).

·       IoT – with ULE chipsets.