Dr. Boris Herscovici

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The research is conducted by the Accelerated Computer Systems Lab (ACSL) which was established by Prof. Mark Silberstein at the Electrical Engineering department of the Technion in 2013. Prof. Silberstein (https://sites.google.com/site/silbersteinmark) is a world recognized expert in computational accelerators (such as GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs) and accelerated systems, his research spans broad range of system projects on hardware architecture, programming tools, operating systems, security and privacy, high concurrency servers and high-speed I/O. Prof. Silberstein is regularly invited to give talks on the subject at national and international venues. Prof. Silberstein is the academic head of the lab and the research team leader, his team members are: Pavel Lifshits – Lab engineer, Amir Watad – M.Sc. student, FerasDaoud – M.Sc. student and Shai Bergman – software developer.

We propose a new operating system infrastructure to support direct access to network and storage I/O services from programmable computational accelerators and application processors, such as GPUs and DSPs. Together with improved programmability and system performance, this architecture eliminates the use of CPUs only for controlling I/O between peripherals and accelerators, thereby allowing significant energy savings.

Our work focus is on the software infrastructure and hardware support for:

1 .Direct access to storage and network services from DSPs

2. Direct control of network devices and network support for general-purpose GPUs We will investigate cross-layer software and hardware implications of supporting native I/O from accelerators.

We are developing a software prototype and will analyze its performance and energy efficiency on top of real SoCs with GPUs and DSPs using a set of representative media-intensive applications.