Altair Semiconductor is the world’s leading developer of single-mode LTE chipsets. Altair’s portfolio covers the complete spectrum of cellular 4G market needs, from chipsets for supercharged LTE Category-6 and beyond, all the way to ultra-low power, low cost Category-1 and 0 chipsets for IoT and M2M applications. Altair has shipped millions of LTE chipsets to date, commercially deployed on the world’s most advanced LTE networks in the US, Japan, China, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The company’s customer roster includes some of the world’s leading PC and consumer electronics OEMs, as well as the majority of Asian ODMs developing LTE products for global markets.

In the Hiperconsortsium Altair is conducting research work on the multiple fronts of SoC design. In the area of  high performance SoC Physical Design flow (at cutting edge deep sub-micron process technology) Altair collaborates with Bar-Ilan University, Ceragon and Satixfy to build an automated flow that will enable  to shorten design cycle significantly as well as reducing man power requirements for implementing design on Silicon.

In the area of SoC design, Altair is making multiple research efforts to create a standard architecture for essential SoC basic blocks (reset controller , clock controller , Serial flash controller , DMA controller) , with a goal to enable building the consortium first SoC demo chip. In the area of high performance SoC design, Altair is developing tools that will enable early analysis of the SoC bus fabric performance.