SoC Laboratory

ENICS Lab was established to give an answer to the multiple challenges of System on a Chip design. For the first time Israel has a scaled SoC design, implementation and measurement laboratory that combines academy staff with actual industry requirements. It is well known that SoC complexity is exponentially growing due to multi-processor and multi-application systems. This complexity brings challenges in design, integration, verification and implementation. In addition, when time to market is a significant factor, an optimized generic flow is necessary.
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Prof. Alex Fish

Heads the newly inaugurated Emerging Nanoscaled Integrated Circuits and Systems (ENICS) Labs in the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University. The HiPer team includes two Ph.D students, Robert Giterman and Lior Atias and two M.Sc students, Amit Kazimirsky and Miryam Haber.

The proposed research aims to improve speed and area of digital circuits and embedded DRAM memories in 28nm process. In particular, we investigate alternative logic families and memory bitcells in collaboration with Ceragon, Mellanox, Altair and DSPG.

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Prof. Shlomo Weiss

The Computer Architecture Lab, in the School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University, performs research in microarchitecture, DSP, computational science, OpenCL, multicore, multithreading, and low power.

The research group is led by Prof. Shlomo Weiss and consists of one PhD student and six MSc students. The lab is managed by Mr. Avi Efrati, who is responsible for the computer systems and software tools required for research as well as maintenance and upgrade of the lab.

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Prof. Shmuel Wimer

The research team headed by Prof. Wimer includes two MSc students, Mr. Menachem Poss and Mr. Doron Gluzer.

The team is conducting research in two areas: low-power clocking systems and low-energy computations.

The research is supported by the Bar- Ilan University (BIU) VLSI frontend project lab, managed by Mr. Moshe Doron. The lab hosts 4th year yearly projects used to examine and test research ideas.

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Prof. Mark Silberstein

The research is conducted by the Accelerated Computer Systems Lab (ACSL) which was established by Prof. Mark Silberstein at the Electrical Engineering department of the Technion in 2013.

Prof. Silberstein ( is a world recognized expert in computational accelerators (such as GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs) and accelerated systems, his research spans broad range of system projects on hardware architecture, programming tools, operating systems, security and privacy, high concurrency servers and high-speed I/O. Prof. Silberstein is regularly invited to give talks on the subject at national and international venues.

Prof. Silberstein is the academic head of the lab and the research team leader, his team members are: Pavel Lifshits – Lab engineer, Amir Watad – M.Sc. student, FerasDaoud – M.Sc. student and Shai Bergman – software developer.

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Dr. Shlomo Greenberg

The research team of the Ben Gurion University, includes Dr. Shlomo Greenberg from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shimol from the Communication Systems Engineering Department as well as 7 students (1 PhD students, 1 MSc students, and five 4’th year under graduate students) doing their thesis and final projects in the area of parallel processing and high performance VLSI using multi core and vector processing SoC platforms. The proposed research aimed at exploring innovative and high performance power-efficient architectures optimized for specific real time DSP applications using parallel processing and multi-threading. The research will focus on multi- core and vector processing architectures, aiming at exposing both efficient dynamic branch prediction algorithms and new pipeline architectures in multi-core SoC. Additionally, the research will also focus on developing efficient DSP based algorithms and parallel implementation of such algorithms for optimal speed up.
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